The iNet economist

We’ve seen markets that blended into each other. The grapic industry had to accept that desk top publishing blended the professions of typesetters, lithographers, designers, art directors all into one desktop system. Nowadays new blends are created. The internet marketeer becomes more and more an iNet economist.

Gut feeling and early user experience make place for calculated decisions from newbies with a university degree. These newcomers combine the academic approach with available internet learnings. I know we spend a lot of money learning the trade until the bubble burst but does the academic approach make the difference?

When you look at the Oxford Dictionary an economist is an expert in economics and digging on in the dictionary will tell you that economics is ” the branch of knowledge concerned with the production, consumption, and transfer of wealth“. From this definition the internet is definitely the arena for economists.

With the internet growing at an ever increasing speed the only way to be able to come to conclusions and make the appropriate decisions is to start using tools that give you appropriate insight into whats taking place. I reread my books on statistics to be able to make the right decisions from the immense amount of statistics internet sites produce. Whats taking place where is easy to measure. But the next question:” why it’s taking place” is seldom answered. Is this were the academic approach should come in.

I cannot crunch the numbers and come to funded conclusion without a profound knowledge of statistics. When I worked with business to business databases containing only a couple of hundred companies, contacts and activities I could see without glasses what was going on and where I had to take action. But with online populations that grow from thousands to millions of users with a multitude of data entry point I need new tools.

As a marketeer/copywriter I love to work together with art directors. Teaming up with creative minds accelerates the search for solutions and adds sometimes entirely unexpected approaches. But creativity is nowadays often killed by statistics and economics.
Internet marketeers step into the shoes of economist only they have forgotten their basics for statistics. If site analytical tools shows that parts of a website are skipped they jump to conclusions, ask for redesigns, blame the programmers. If visitors get stuck in the funnel and no cash flow is generated the application sucks because the statistics say so.

With a changing and broadening role for internet solutions the budgets grow and growing budgets give entrance to the economists approach. With more and more different budgets allocated┬áthe internet becomes more and more a generic system where the knowledge concerned with the production, consumption, and transfer of wealth” starts ruling and passion and creativity arekilled by calculators.

Don’t get me wrong, we need instruments to measure, observe, control and steer but we may never forget what we are doing for whom. We may never forget that we are communicating with real people on the other side of the net.

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