Call center code orange

callcenter-security.jpgCall centers are making overtime these days. A lot of time the call center agents are operating like blind furies. Whenever I see in my display a range of zeros I know that when I pick up someone will jump upon me through the telephone and do what ever it takes to race through the telephone script and try to guide me to the voice lock part where I agree to buy.
I do belief in the instrument call center but as the demand grows the quality of service goes rapidly down.

More and more teens have a call center job to make a little extra money. Since they are experts in calling with their own mobile phones they think they are qualified to do the job. Naive and only motivated by money this creates fantastic situations if you let them happen.

Last week I picked up the phone signalling the camouflaged number knowing in advance that again I was the lucky one selected out of millions of people to recieve this call and the very special offer if I only granted them thirty seconds.

The tone was set, if people don’t want their number to be recognised I will not tell my name.

Good evening sir,  Natashia here….”
Oops, I instantly felt a little guilt. The harsh tone felt wrong as it turned out to be a girlfriend from one of the kids.

Hello Natashia“, I friendly tried to make another opening,
who are you looking for?” 

Allready walking through the house to handover the phone to one off the kids I resolutely came to a halt when she replied
The eldest person in the family“.
Surprise, Natashia was not a girlfriend. The HELLO-THIS-IS-A-CALLCENTER-ALARM-BELLS were ringing even slightly dimmed by the shy openings sentence. I was being bullied by telephone and I felt I had to take back control and instantly answered:
“In that case you’ll have to talk to me.”
Somehow Natashia did not expect this answer even though she initiated the call.  After 5 seconds of silence, and that is long if you are on the phone, Natashia started to pick up the conversation.
Ssssir…….” she started hessitating
I have called you……..” 
I felt I had could compensate for the fact she had fooled me and interupted.
 “I KNOW YOU CALLED ME” and a little more friendly:
What is it they asked you to sell to me?”
SILENCE, Natashia was clicking.
This answer was definitely not in her call script. 
“Hhuuuh” a sigh of relief, there it was, the script dictated:
Sir, you know sir we all die?” 
Natashia had spoken.
Well Natashia” I answered in a more fatherly tone,
to the sound of your voice I don’t think you should worry about that because as I estimate you are eighteen and you just started your live
Then an avalange, almost crying flood of words came out:
Sir, I have to sell funeral policies but I don’t know how to discuss this. I don’t like talking about death, my grandma just passed away and my mother is sad and angry because she has to pay all the bills and my uncles don’t help her
Either this was a great actress or the call center had gone out of control and nobody was monitoring the outbound calls.
Dear Natashia I said, I will not buy a funeral policy and you must ask you supervisor if you can sell other products or services,…
Before I could finish the sweet girl voice changed into a wicked witch
was the last I heard before the line got disconnected.


What a waste of money

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