Orange mania, so cadmium

The National colour of the Netherlands is orange based on the Royal house of Orange. Therefore every international sports tournament the Dutch go crazy, they go orange. While sitting on a terrace i write this post in the up-heath of the semi final of the fifa football world championship. Orange flags, orange t-shirts, orange ties, orange merchandise. Actually orange everything.
This made me wonder; What is the environmental impact of this orange mania?”

As you might know orange as a colour is composed by blending red and yellow dies. I knowfrom the past that some toys for my kids were banned because they contained too much cadmium. Next questions that arise are: what specific orange products are brought into the market in what quantities and how have these products been colorized? And last but not least if the Dutch team is kicked out of the tournament what will happen all these orange goods. Will they be disposed and burned? What will happen to the chemicals in the pigments?
I will continue my investigation and I do hope that the readers of my blog can help me in solving the equation:
amount of orange products(KG)*the weight of chemical/metals(kg)*the effect of burning the waste in a furnish(kg remaining in ashes)+waste chemical airborn(kg)
This equation probably makes no sense but it would be great to get it right.

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