Disruption: Eye care market

Optometrist and eye docters will get their share of disruptive innovation. MIT professor Ramesh Raskar figured that the quality of the iPhone screen has reached such a great quality that, with a little clip-on eyepiece and a smart iPhone app it would be possible to create a low cost mobile auto refractor. So he did. But before a diagnostic device like this can hit the market extensive testing is needed and that is where Raskar also revolutionized by gathering all test data from the mobile units in a cloud-based platform called Test2Connect.

Currently EyeNetra is starting large scale testing in countries like Brazil, India and Mexico. A logical choice as EyeNetra states on their website:” 2.4 billion people worldwide don’t have glasses who need them due to a lack of felt need for eye care. While eyeglass manufacturers/retailers can produce $0.25 eyeglasses, they have minimal cost effective, quality, or remote eye diagnostics to build demand + efficiently service those in need“.

When the test results proof the reliability the EyeNetra set, which has been mentioned to have an estimated cost of $30 could replace the 40 pounds weighing, $10,000 costing, auto refractor. This will revolutionize eye care as many people in rural areas, who currently do not have access to auto refractors, will have access to this mobile device to pinpoint for their prescription.

EyeNetra is uniquely positioned to disrupt the $75 billion eyecare market and satisfy the 2.4 billion people who need vision correction through on-demand eye tests and access to care.”

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