Nobody responsible for damaged content?

Last Thursday we came back from a nine day trip to the Maldives. On our way back we bought some liquor at Male airport. Everything went fine until we came at London Heathrow for a connecting flight to Amsterdam with BMI.
While we rushed to the gate to catch the flight we were abruptly stopped by the UK customs. We were not allowed to carry to bottles with us. We had to go through the customs, go into the UK, get to departure, check the bottles in with BMI or leave them behind. So we started a speed run to comply with the rules to get our bottles cognac and grappa to the Netherlands.
Since you cannot check in bottles as luggage we searched and found a cart board box. With a marker we explicitly mentioned “handle with care”, “breakable”, “Glass” on the box and got in line to check the box in as luggage. As BMI employees had all the time in the world we were afraid we woulod miss our flight. After waiting precious minutes we were rerouted to Odd Size luggage as it turned out that they can check-in everything at the main desks as long as it is a suitcase. At Odd size luggage we dropped of the box and broke a record to catch our flight.

In Amsterdam, our suitcases arrived but no box. It turned out that we beat our boxed bottles. The people responsible for tracing lost luggage at Amsterdam, Aviapartner found the box back at London Heathrow and it came in with the flight next day. Today the transporter delivered a smelling, grappa soaked box wrapped in four plastic bags.
I asked if they didn’t have some sort of damage report and you know what I found out, the airline nor the transporter are responsible for the content of luggage or packages. As the box was still in one piece and the content was damaged they were not responsible for the damage.

Lesson: Just buy at your local liquor store when you have a connecting flight through London heathrow and fly BMI

Sinterklaas asks:” Have you been good?”

In the Netherlands Santa Claus come after Sinterklaas. Sinterklaas is the children friend that arrives half november by steamboat from Spain. The Sint, as he is called, is acompanied by ‘zwarte pieten’. They are his tainted aids that climb the rooftops to put presents for the children through the chimneys. Sinterklaas keeps a track record to knwo wheateher you have been good or bad.

As Sinterklaas keeps up with modern society, he started a website in which he ask everybody to participate by telling the Sint if he or she has been good. Sint celebrates his birthday on the fived of december by giving presents to those who have been good. This year Sinterklaas has a lot of presents for those who get the most proof that they have been good.

Checkout: yourself, join the contest and maybe you will be the one with the prices.

The Truth, the whole truth and…

Nothing but the truth is what most english speaking people automatically will fill into the dots. But this automatism is not so obvious for todays ‘news’.

With the internet each and every person in the world has become a publisher and can create his or her own news and even truth. As the amount of information grows more then exponential internet users need to train themselves in constantly evaluating the news or information they consume.

Did I mention the Surprise stripper in the Rumanian metro as a possible great campaign to promote the use of public transport in the end the stripping girl turned out to be a viral for a fast food chain. This week people in the United states are speculating on some sort of monster that washed ashore somewhere on the American coast at Montauk. (see google map at bottom)

But what does this information mean? Did there really wash a monster ashore?
If this is authentic information it is great for science. But in the same mindshift I can imagine that we are being prepared for the launch of a new campaign for whatever product, service or brand and this turns out to be a hoax or viral. Halleluja for human creativity.

You be the judge.
Do it yourself investigation is the way to keep track of the world where fear and fun are devided by the grand canion of human creativity and imagination.

Cross check this monster story:
– that started at: Gawker
– check where this monster fwas ound: Montauk at Google Maps
– And last but not least, judge your own image evaluation skills. Is this a real monster or just great Photoshopping?


It’s a beauty, but what do you think

looks like another great opportunity near Amsterdam

l_9bd989022041492eae28cff65395e432_ilist.jpgl_9bd989022041492eae28cff65395e432_ilist.jpgl_9bd989022041492eae28cff65395e432_ilist.jpgForget the hassle of the city without loosing the connection.

This house is located in a quiet and unique spot of Zaandam. To be at Amsterdam central station will only take 10 minutes by train and 10 minutes by bycicle. Even though this house is located near Amsterdam and within five minutes of downtown Zaandam with lots of shopping and entertainment possibilities this house qualifies for a country like living experience. The tranquility and the spacious layout of this neighbourhood are unique. The back garden leads you to the beautiful In ‘t Veld Parc with it’s recent developed harbour from where you can go out in to nature for many kilometers.

The house has been build in 1972 and offers a lot of space and even unused space which can be exploited when needed.l_aa17282e755243f197a2206a8c1aa130_ilist.jpg

Go check out all the details and make an appointment for a tour 

Check ReMax Zaandam:
Schepenlaan 57: click here

10 minutes from Amsterdam 
great house with at marvelous green location
 Check ReMax Zaandam:
Schepenlaan 57: click here