Generation Flux

The world is chaos. The timeframe that we’ve entered represents a new world. And new worlds are inhabited by new generations. Generation Flux is the group of people that embrace instability. They tolerate and even enjoy the fact that nothing is what it seems. Three year ago the global cell phone industry was dominated by three players, Nokia, Research In Motion and Motorola. Today Apple and Samsung are in control. Fast paced change is what Generation Flux has embraced. They are the one’s that go rafting on the colorado river of live and change the rules while falling down the mountain. The recalibrate careers, business models. They don’t take the existing assumptions for granted as they have the proof that what you see today will not be tomorrow. They are accustomed to the frictionless spread of information and the accept that schooling as we know it today will change in the blink of an eye as online education efforts and the speed in which we have to learn, de-learn and re-learn disrupts the existing methods.


GenFluxer will be or have been student, businessmen, educator, entrepreneur, politician and they do not know what they will be next. What they do know is that they will grab on to something. Since yesterday’s rules no longer are applied today GenFluxer will move freely in what Fast company described in the 1990s as a “Free Agent Nation” and “The Brand Called You.” era. They are the “New economy”.


Connected devices are coming to speed

Verizon moves up in the path of a connected society. As one of the biggest telco’s in the US, they have created a platform to take the smartphone into machines. In their whitepaper they say:” In the coming years, machine-to-machine services will be built into almost everything we touch—enhancing our quality of life and creating new ways to engage with partners and customers”. They put their money where their mouth is and created this development platform that challenges machine builders TO take wireless technology into their machines. In many areas connected devices are showing up; healthcare, vendingmachines, automotive, consumer electronics, security, toys and many more to come.

Communicating machines are not new but the low threshold to adapt the technology through inspiring development platforms will speed up our connected world. Take a moment today to enjoy the silence of just pondering at the coffee machine because soon this machine will start conversation.

Source: Verizon launched a set of services that bring us a step further into the connected society.

Time Banking, Will time be the new currency to pay of unemployed

Recently I ran into an initiative for those that have run out of money and have time to spent. They describe the basic principle of time banking as follows:” At its most basic level, Time banking is simply about spending an hour doing something for somebody in your community. That hour goes into the Time Bank as a Time Dollar. Then you have a Time dollar to spend on having someone doing something for you. It’s a simple idea, but it has powerful ripple effects in building community connections.”

So here is the trade. All those people that are currently unemployed should open an account at a timebanks affiliate nearby. they should do the self assesment in order to find out what they have to offer to the world or in other words what they can do for others in the time they have abundant since they are unemployed.

As timebanks started as a volunteers initiative the way they organise the functional trade of time brings in a new equivalent of cash. This way all those gazillions of printed mickey mouse money wont be needed to get things done by people that can do the things. Whatever happend with bartering, it’s back and the internet solutions can speed up a new real life economy for those with time without money.tb_logo