Evan Allmighty

I read a lot. It relaxes me, it tickles my mind when I indulge myself in the luxury of exploring other peoples imagination. Every time I read I discover messages that apply to me, my life or habits I developed. Please, don’t give me that instant judgement. Leave the straitjacket as they are harmless discoveries that to me make the difference from basic entertainment to inspiring feel good lasting experiences. Last week this happened at the movies.

After a period in which I felt everything was slipping through my fingers I finally went to the cinema with my daughters. It was for the first time in a very long time that the three of us did something together. I could hardly remember when the last time was that we did something together. I’ll spare you the details what caused this delay but now that the moment was there it ment a lot to me.  The film we picked was Evan Allmighty. What started as a very entertaining movie turned out to be a lesson that I did not expect and that will probably give me a new point of view to many, many things take and will take place in my life.

I’m not going to tell the plot of the movie nor am I going to tell you what the film is all about. The only thing that I will tell you is the message I took from the film.

If you ask god (the guy plays a great role) for help don’t expect hin to give streight answers or ready to use solutions. Expect him to give you the opportunity to develope the skills you need to reach what you asked for.