Greenhouse effect

Today I went to the coffee Company to treat myself with real coffee in stead of the senseo we have atthe office. Over the past few months I’ve taken this stroll to the Coffee Company, together with my colleague, at least twice a week as it gives a very pleasurable break from a days work in the office. On the way to the Coffee Company another coffee shop is located to which I hardly paid attention so far as I do not smoke and don’t have any need for neither tobacco nor any other plant people smoke.

Today for the first time I noticed the name of this coffee shop and it definitely made me smile. Greenhouse. What a great name for a cofeeshop especially since most of the english speaking world are almost programmed to immediately add the word effect to the word greenhouse.

Why did I pay extra attention to the coffeeshop today?
Yesterday evening the news reported that the coffeeshops, that make Amsterdam these days more famous then the red light district, do have a problem. Though promoting coffee most coffeeshops are THE place to be to smoke a joint. these coffeeshops will be confronted with the law that will prohibit smoking in bars and restaurants starting june 2008. It was also mentioned that a lot of creative solutions allready have come up from the greenhouse effect minds to avoid the consequences of this law.
I wonder what the stimulated minds have come up with?