Distant buying @ Danna banana

What should I do? My girlfriend is on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean and she is having her birthday? I could have bought something in advance and stuff it in her suitcase but then there would be no surpirse. That’s where my search started. I knew in advance in which hotel she would be staying so I wanted to order at a local shop. Questions remaining, what to buy and where to buy it?

My first step was to search for online shopping in Canada and let the results inspire me. But most of the shops aren’t that inspiring. The goods offered are those that one needs on a daily basis but not the kind of things you give present while you’re abroad living out of your suitcase.

After a few google searches for online shopping Canada I found the Toronto based site  dannabananas.com. The first impression was the netscapeheader catching my attention suggesting that this site was ” a peeling to your funny bone” and “The Wackiest Little Gift Shop on the Web!” I liked Danna’s sense of humour and she had a lot of fun stuff to throw a little party but next question arose: ” Was it safe to buy?”.  So I googled Danna and she turned out to be very active online running her own YouTube chanel, dragging a bananas twitter trail, making smart use from open source tools an I took the step. The shop worked fine. Somehow I took a wrong turn while checking out because I missed the payment section. Now I had ordered, using the possibility to ship to my girlfriend hotel and add a little note to each little present I’d selected but things could not go right if I had not paid. So I send a mail and within no time Danna responded. it was like standing in her store next to her. She smoothly arranged a PayPal authorisation and shippid the goods the same day.Dannabananas.com

My girlfriend arrived late in the afternoon the next day and was nicely surprised to find a package at the hotel front desk. The name Dannabananas appealed immediately and all her coleagues were curious what was inside.

I love the internet. It’s so great to meet people like Danna by simply running into her shop online and find out that great friendly service is within your reach with a few clicks of the mouse.

Canada, Toronto, everybody around the world go shopping at Dannabananas.com Make it possible for Danna to become the biggest “a peeling” shop on the internet. Whenever you are looking for a funny gift, need a loot for a childrens or adult party or want to just give a fun present for no reason but fun and appreciation go DannaBananas.

Sinterklaas asks:” Have you been good?”

In the Netherlands Santa Claus come after Sinterklaas. Sinterklaas is the children friend that arrives half november by steamboat from Spain. The Sint, as he is called, is acompanied by ‘zwarte pieten’. They are his tainted aids that climb the rooftops to put presents for the children through the chimneys. Sinterklaas keeps a track record to knwo wheateher you have been good or bad.

As Sinterklaas keeps up with modern society, he started a website in which he ask everybody to participate by telling the Sint if he or she has been good. Sint celebrates his birthday on the fived of december by giving presents to those who have been good. This year Sinterklaas has a lot of presents for those who get the most proof that they have been good.

Checkout: www.5december.nl yourself, join the contest and maybe you will be the one with the prices.

The Truth, the whole truth and…

Nothing but the truth is what most english speaking people automatically will fill into the dots. But this automatism is not so obvious for todays ‘news’.

With the internet each and every person in the world has become a publisher and can create his or her own news and even truth. As the amount of information grows more then exponential internet users need to train themselves in constantly evaluating the news or information they consume.

Did I mention the Surprise stripper in the Rumanian metro as a possible great campaign to promote the use of public transport in the end the stripping girl turned out to be a viral for a fast food chain. This week people in the United states are speculating on some sort of monster that washed ashore somewhere on the American coast at Montauk. (see google map at bottom)

But what does this information mean? Did there really wash a monster ashore?
If this is authentic information it is great for science. But in the same mindshift I can imagine that we are being prepared for the launch of a new campaign for whatever product, service or brand and this turns out to be a hoax or viral. Halleluja for human creativity.

You be the judge.
Do it yourself investigation is the way to keep track of the world where fear and fun are devided by the grand canion of human creativity and imagination.

Cross check this monster story:
– that started at: Gawker
– check where this monster fwas ound: Montauk at Google Maps
– And last but not least, judge your own image evaluation skills. Is this a real monster or just great Photoshopping?


It’s a beauty, but what do you think

Peer-to-peer disruption III: Bye bye bank

After turning the music- and telephony industries upside down, peer-to-peer technologies are moving into the financial markets. The principle is simple. Accept the fact that there are two kind of people. The people that zopalogo.gifzopalogo.gifhave money and the people that need money. In the old days we would think that people at the bank are the people to turn to for money but not in the internet era. Today everybody that has money can ask for it to anybody that has it and smart internet applications form the virtual middleman.One step back before we speed ahaid. 

What do music, telephony and money have in common?
They are all stored in bits and bytes and they are distributed over the internet. By using peer-tp-peer technologies new ways of lending money are introduced and we all become our own banks.

Peer-to-peer banking big business zopalogo.gifzopalogo.gif
Back in 2005  Zopa was the first to surface on the internet. They started their lending site in the UK. The Zopa founders understood that money business is all a matter of trust, networks and computers. Zopa explains itself as: “the world’s first social finance company“. They pioneered a way for people to lend and borrow directly with each other. They thought it there mission to give people around the world the power to help themselves financially at the same time that they help others. Zopa’s makes money from charging borrowers an exchange fee of 1%. If borrowers take out repayment insurance on their loans Zopa receives commission from the insurance provider. Lenders aren’t charged by Zopa. This revolutionises the financial world as the big margins banks charge are wiped out.

zopalogo.gif   logo_prosper.gif   smava_logo.gif  booer-logo.jpg

That this was not a whimp from some idealistic programmers. In july 2007 the estimated number of peers involved in lending was 1.3 billion. Zopa has not been lonely as Prosper (US),  Smava (German) and the Dutch Boober offer like wise services. In China, well known for copying, PPDai launched in july last year. For a quick course in chinese lending figure who is having money and who aint?


P2P lending changes slightly from country to country but enters a very different market in the People’s Republic. In China personal credit ratings are virtually non-existent, making lending to strangers riskier business. PPdai therefor primarily aims to standardize and facilitate loans between family and friends, which are more common in China than personal loans from banks.

The banking world is next in line to meet innovative technologies that bring the power to the people or better take the money from the people to the people without banks in between. And the banking industry is working hard to loose it’s trust espcially with US and French banks blundering billions of dollars simply down the drain. Whow saving were in those banks.

Disruptive markets, next week the disrupted media world.