Uncomfortable, Unnatural and Unbelievable

We, human beings, are being challenged from within the system that we created ourselves. At his deathbed, more then twenty years ago, my father apologised for not leaving me a better world. The last book he had red was The Future Shock from Alvin Toffler and unfortunately that was the last image my father was given from a those days already renowned futurist. Toffler sketched a future scenario in which the world would go under in doomsday scenarios however not long after my father passed away Toffler apologised. He had been misled by his own predictive models and had been summoned by numerous captains of industry that the disasters Toffler predicted were already being solved in the R&D labs of numerous multinationals. Toffler regrouped and came with a new book, The Third Wave.

Change cannot be stopped
In the Third Wave Toffler predicted the future was based on big changes initiated by mankind itself. The first wave represented the agricultural society, the second wave the industrial society and the third wave the information society. Going through change, from one wave into the other gave uproar like the American civil war in which the labour had to travel from the agricultural area into the factories. We by now have fully entered the third wave as Toffler predicted however we still have to cope with the last remnants of the transition. We are not there yet. Since the early sixties we have been gliding into the information age and over the passed decade this change has taken disruptive speeds and proportions. Old standards are being abandoned and we all need to adapt into this new era. As an aftershock the financial crisis in the thirties might have been the remodelling of the financial system from agricultural finance, based on land and seasons into a 24/7 industrial need for financing, we now are part of a complete remodelling of the financial system into the information age in which intellectual property and a true flat and transparant global market create entirely new currents of money and even new forms of  mediums of exchange.

Making the change
Making the change, means finding new ways to generate income as old jobs both in blue- and white-collar diminish or even stronger, totally disappear. Education from an industrial age suddenly does not match the demand in the information age and savings and pension plans no longer supply for the old days.
This requires radical change which is uncomfortable, unnatural and when run into new opportunities seem, from the old perspective numerous time unbelievable for those ho got stuck in the past.
Making change happen, physical, mental and financial is what is needed and what we stand for. This we couldn’t do on our own so we teamed up with an international movement for change that understand the needs, is not afraid to work on a new mindset and is able to bring systems in place that empower people to create their own future.
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Orange mania, so cadmium

The National colour of the Netherlands is orange based on the Royal house of Orange. Therefore every international sports tournament the Dutch go crazy, they go orange. While sitting on a terrace i write this post in the up-heath of the semi final of the fifa football world championship. Orange flags, orange t-shirts, orange ties, orange merchandise. Actually orange everything.
This made me wonder; What is the environmental impact of this orange mania?”

As you might know orange as a colour is composed by blending red and yellow dies. I knowfrom the past that some toys for my kids were banned because they contained too much cadmium. Next questions that arise are: what specific orange products are brought into the market in what quantities and how have these products been colorized? And last but not least if the Dutch team is kicked out of the tournament what will happen all these orange goods. Will they be disposed and burned? What will happen to the chemicals in the pigments?
I will continue my investigation and I do hope that the readers of my blog can help me in solving the equation:
amount of orange products(KG)*the weight of chemical/metals(kg)*the effect of burning the waste in a furnish(kg remaining in ashes)+waste chemical airborn(kg)
This equation probably makes no sense but it would be great to get it right.


The sneakers industry have worked hard to transform the original sport-shoe into a fashion statement. With sneaker going more and more extreme in design today it’s hard to be different but don’t worry. Germanjewellry¬† designer Sabrina de Hoff teamed up with Nike to come with THE solution:” Sneaker jewellry”. What’s next?