Smart Public transport promotion

stripper_185013d.jpgEven though prices at gas stations are at a new all time high the traffic jams in the Netherlands do not get stripper_185013d.jpgstripper_185013d.jpgany shorter. What is needed to demote the use of cars and promote the use of public transport. Rumanian officials deny any involvement but it looks like they are the first to have found a new attractive way to get people out of their cars into public transport.  
The Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf brought today the message that passengers in the the Bukarest metro are treated with a surprise striptease. The so called mystery stripper, a well dressed, student style beautiful lady, undresses dancing on “You can leave your hat on”. During her underground act she makes use of the poles ready available in every metro.
The local government say that whenever she is caught in action she will be fined for indecent behaviour and begging as the lady finally also takes her head off and passes it around hoping to get some payments for her show.

My question, can we have the passenger statistics please?