Nobody responsible for damaged content?

Last Thursday we came back from a nine day trip to the Maldives. On our way back we bought some liquor at Male airport. Everything went fine until we came at London Heathrow for a connecting flight to Amsterdam with BMI.
While we rushed to the gate to catch the flight we were abruptly stopped by the UK customs. We were not allowed to carry to bottles with us. We had to go through the customs, go into the UK, get to departure, check the bottles in with BMI or leave them behind. So we started a speed run to comply with the rules to get our bottles cognac and grappa to the Netherlands.
Since you cannot check in bottles as luggage we searched and found a cart board box. With a marker we explicitly mentioned “handle with care”, “breakable”, “Glass” on the box and got in line to check the box in as luggage. As BMI employees had all the time in the world we were afraid we woulod miss our flight. After waiting precious minutes we were rerouted to Odd Size luggage as it turned out that they can check-in everything at the main desks as long as it is a suitcase. At Odd size luggage we dropped of the box and broke a record to catch our flight.

In Amsterdam, our suitcases arrived but no box. It turned out that we beat our boxed bottles. The people responsible for tracing lost luggage at Amsterdam, Aviapartner found the box back at London Heathrow and it came in with the flight next day. Today the transporter delivered a smelling, grappa soaked box wrapped in four plastic bags.
I asked if they didn’t have some sort of damage report and you know what I found out, the airline nor the transporter are responsible for the content of luggage or packages. As the box was still in one piece and the content was damaged they were not responsible for the damage.

Lesson: Just buy at your local liquor store when you have a connecting flight through London heathrow and fly BMI

Macro, Micro, Metoo

With 240 million inhabitants and an unemployment rate that’s going towards fifty procent both the government and the people of Indonesia face enormous challenges. How do these millions of people survive? For those who want more then the fruits and vegetable that grow where ever you plant them the big cities seem to be the place to go to. But the fortune seekers that leave the countryside without proper education get stuck in the city jungles. But human instincts to survive are strong and tend to unleash a great wealth of creativity and the original copy-cats. If you do not fit into the glossy skyskraper world you start your own tiny one men business. With 14 million people living in Jakarta each square meter is used. The wasteland next to a official shining Toyota garage is turned into a bamboo tent wannabee garages. The same goes for the luxury shoppingmall where city refugees turn the neighbouring wasteland into a golfplated sheds trading center where recycled waste is sold from the wealthy fellow citizens.

It is fascinating to see that every force has it’s counter force. In the slipstream of globalism, individuals get inspired on how to survive. They  simply start their own tiny mono businesses to survive. Next to macro and micro economics it looks like the one man metoo economics is a selfeducating incubator that forms a fascinating source of inspiration.