Disruptive 5: Energy Peer-to-peer

Will peer-to-peer technology revolutionize the energy world?
YES. All signs are pointing in that direction. With energy prices going up, power suppliers fighting each other to the bone saving money on operations and maintenance and endangering the reliability of the supply chain al conditions are there to create a furtile  ground for revolution. Who can we trust? Ourselves.

The first signs are there that an energy peer-to-peer revolution will take place before I retire (42 now), and we will be part of it, step by step.

Step 1: Become an energy peer
How do you become an energy peer? As long as the storage of energy remains a problem the first step to become part of the energy revolution is to start producing your own energy. In a lot of countries implementing solar panels and building community- or private windmills is subsidised. Stirling microturbines generating electricity using the same warmth generated in you HR central heating system. 
The moment you can generate your won electricity you have set your first step in the enxt peer-to-peer revolution.

Step 2: Delivering electricity back to the net 
For those who generate more energy than they need, delivering back to the system is an option. imagine the energy meter go into reverse and the power company putting money into your account in stead of the opposit. But

Step 3: Storing your abundant energy
Once technology has improved to store your home brewn abundant electricity the world will turn up side down. Around the world research and development are rappidly advancing with fuel cells and. Storing energy is only a matter of years before it becomes available.

, is enerated and through powerline distributed energy becomes  insufficient because ones you can store energy you can start step 4 distributing.

Step 4: Peer-to-peer energy distributing
the moment every household, every business, every farm can generate and store and deliver electricity on demand the electricity network will have to be refitted. How do you prevent network overload or hickups.

Will this happen. Yes. 
Just imagine the efficiency advantages. Only generate what you need and if you generate more you store. If you have more then you can store start your own powerpeer and deliver on demand to those demanding.

Technological problems are there to be solved. It’s a logical next step for the inventors of napster and skype,  currently working on peer-to-peer commercial television joost to find a new challenge in a smart electric peer protocol.

Power to the PEER.